What would you do if....?! (A Thought about the River and I)

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Serayu River - Central Java (2011)

"If you have what it takes to make a big change in the environmental condition in this country, what would you want to do?", one of my friend asked me that question. And now, I am still thinking about that. A simple question doesn't always need a simple answer. It can be so much complicated. But, the simpler is the easier to understand, even for the answerer. So, I think that I would just to answer it in simple way.  

It was all started with my 'accidental' interest in river and water management issue that leads me to know a little faction of this big issue. What I know all this time is that there's something wrong with the water management in this country. And, just like everybody else, the easiest way to do is blaming the government. I said, "They should or shouldn't do this and that, bla bla bla...!". I always ask for action from others with justification that that's all their job and I do not have enough power to do it myself. Then, the question hit me for a second!  

If I have all the resources I need (fund, time, team) in order to change the current poor condition of the river in this country, what would I do? What I want to do? Hahaha.. It really hits me. I didn't have confidence answering it in a blink of eye.  Unexpectedly, I need more time to think. Whoaa...! I got something on my mind that really interest me. Maybe my confusion is just the same thing with what the government has. They have resources, they have power, but maybe they don't have any confidence too, just like me. Or, is it just me who lack of imagination? Who knows?

Well, I will try to answer it here.

In this case, I will create a team whose members are credible and expert in the field.  “The right man in the right place”, they said. Every single person on earth has what they can or can’t do by themselves. To do something that we able to do is one of the ways to gain success in our work. Do not make mistake like put someone in the wrong place. Do not make me a singer while I am a tone-deaf person. Just like, do not make an economist to do some conservation jobs. It’s not about if they can’t do the work or vice-versa. Like in an Indian movie ‘3 Idiots’ I watched several years ago, “Can you imagine if Mariah Carey became an Engineer?!” It doesn’t mean that she can’t but her best is to be a singer.

My position? Of course, I would like to choose to be the leader. Why? My experience when I was chosen as a class representative in SD (elementary school) still lingers in my mind and I think it is not a bad idea to do it again. Post power syndrome! (Lol)

Then, I will just ask them the same question, “What would you like to do if you have what it takes to…”.  The right person in the right place and time will know the answer. We will work together as a perfect team! (Somehow, it feels like Multi Level Marketing. J )

As simple as that!

Further question? Let’s wait for the expert’s answer. Maybe ‘The Fish Goddess’ Riska Darmawanti has an answer regarding the river ecology, or the activist of Ciliwung Sudirman Asun has answer about people’ voluntarism, etc. The names I mentioned here just several names that came to my mind when I was writing this. So, it doesn’t mean anything actually.

How would I know the best person? How can I manage all of them? How to ensure everything is okay? How this and that? (OMG! Why this ‘How’ question is so complicated? How many ‘Hows’ are there? Hahaha…
I am laughing to myself again. Maybe I am not qualified to be a good leader like I said. It’s a half joke! I would prefer to be one of the team members who work for the river. What can I do? Social Research maybe….


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