Cute Souvenirs from Australia

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Souvenir from Australia, made from timber.

This beautiful souvenirs made from timber at Victoria, Australia. The first one is a book mark and the other is a card? (It's like a card and the size is similiar with postcard!). Timber product isn't always wood contruction or furniture, is it?

This small gifts remind me to always think creative!

Book mark with 'Possum' on it

Timber post card

Safety is an important issue. Look! I have a letter from the company that confirms information about the products and make sure that they are safe!

Last week, on International Educator Institute (IEI) of World Forestry Center (website IEI_WFC) and I met a lot of new friends from around the world. An Australian lady, Liz Langford gave me this souvenirs and I like them so much. She's an interesting woman, we talked a lot about everything. The different point of views are always interesting!

Love the Possum story, 11-12 (eleven-twelve, it's used in Indonesia to state 'almost the same') with Spotted Owl story in Oregon.

About Possum: Wikipedia, controversy
About Spotted Owl: Wikipedia, controversy


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